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Silver Sun

Pushing the limitations set by traditional camera gear, we're a team of designers who are constantly exploring new ways to create, record, shoot, or in one phrase: capture perfection.
Armor UV Filter 1
Armor UV Filter 3
Armor UV Filter 4
Armor UV Filter

Armor UV Filter

The Armor UV is crafted from tempered glass that is virtually indestructible, making it your lens’s first line of defense against elemental impacts, such as rocks, dust, and debris. In addition to it being 4X stronger than standard filter glass, this filter maintains 99% transmission, guaranteeing pristine image quality without any degradation or light loss, and resolves the largest camera sensors with our industry leading cinema series optical polish.
Thread Size:

4X stronger than standard filter glass

Made from tempered glass

99% transmission ensures no image degradation or light loss

Cinema Series glass fully resolves the largest camera sensors

Available in 67mm, 77mm, and 82mm


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