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Silver Sun

Pushing the limitations set by traditional camera gear, we're a team of designers who are constantly exploring new ways to create, record, shoot, or in one phrase: capture perfection.

Shortstache Filter - Black Mist + Polarizer

We teamed up with Garrett King, aka Shortstache, to create a unique filter combo that embodies his signature photo aesthetic - a Polarizer + Black Mist. Deemed as the “Everyday Filter”, it’s one that combines two sought after effects and one that can stay loaded on your lens. The Circular Polarizer aspect gives the image a sharp clean look, while the subtle mist diffusion adds a slight blooming to the highlights, bringing back a hint of filmic character. Each filter is finished in a Shortstache favored tone of matte green to match his production style and subtly add to your rig’s appearance.
Description First and Second Orders sold out. Preorder now to lock in your spot on the next limited run (Shipping April 30th) Shortstache Signature Edition - Polarizer + Black Mist Emulates Garrett King’s Shooting Styles/Looks Aluminum frame finished in a subtle matte green colorway 16 Layer Coating - Anti-Scratch / Anti-Reflective / Anti-Fingerprint “Everyday” (¼ mist) - diffusion strength for subtle highlight halation “Mist + PL” (½ mist) - diffusion strength for a stylized vintage appearance All new Chroma Polarizer Glass provides zero color shift and exceptional clarity


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