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About Us

SILVERSUN.CO has been a reputable importer and distributor of camera accessories since 2011, operating legally in Vietnam. They specialize in high-end products, offering competitive pricing and exceptional customer service to their clients. The company's focus is on supplying reliable brands that ensure long-term customer satisfaction, along with full warranty and comprehensive backup services when needed.

SILVERSUN.CO distributes its products to professional retailers across Vietnam, allowing customers to easily access the assistance and support they require. By prioritizing quality and customer satisfaction, SILVERSUN.CO has established itself as a trusted partner for photographers and videographers seeking high-quality, durable, and efficient camera accessories.

It's great to know that SILVERSUN.CO holds the exclusive distribution rights for PolarPro camera accessories in both Vietnam and Cambodia.

As the exclusive distributor, SILVERSUN.CO plays a crucial role in ensuring that photographers and videographers in these regions have access to PolarPro's innovative and reliable products, empowering them to capture stunning visuals and elevate their craft.